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Mediation and Facilitated Discussions

Hirstworks services include both mediation and facilitated discussions.

I am a Scottish Mediation Registered Mediator SMR logo. I work to the Scottish Mediation Network definition of mediation, which is:

Mediation is a process in which disputing parties seek to resolve their differences in a mutually acceptable way with the assistance of a trained mediator acting as an impartial third party. Mediation is voluntary and aims to offer the disputing parties the opportunity to be fully heard, to hear each other’s perspectives and to decide how to resolve their dispute themselves".

Mediation is an informal, flexible and confidential process which is applicable to a wide range of conflict situations. I have experience in two-party, multiple party and team mediations in a range of public, private and voluntary sector settings, including workplace, neighbour, commercial and complaint related conflict.

Organisations may also find it helpful to appoint me as an independent third party who can assist in discussions relating to conflict. This could be by chairing meetings or acting as a neutral facilitator. The presence of an independent chair often brings structure to a challenging meeting and can enable productive discussions take place.

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