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Conflict Coaching

This Hirstworks service provides coaching to help an individual deal with conflict situations. For example, needing to have a difficult conversation at work.

Conflict coaching can help when an individual needs or chooses to resolve a conflict themselves. It can also be used to rebuild relationships. Conflict coaching encourages different thinking about a conflict. It builds confidence and helps a person improve their conflict management skills.  Conflict coaching can be combined with other conflict resolution techniques, such as mediation or negotiation, or it can be used on its own.

I use a questioning approach to conflict coaching. My aim is to assist the individual to decide what their goals are in relation to the conflict, to understand the dynamics and drivers of the conflict, to become aware of the positions of others involved in the conflict and to explore options for dealing with the conflict. I have a practice-based approach, encouraging the development of hands-on skills and strategies, and on preparing how to tackle the conflict. The number of coaching sessions needed depends on the nature of the conflict.

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