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Hirstworks provides a range of conflict related services. An outline of these services is set out below. Please contact Hirstworks for more information.

Complaint Investigation and Review

This Hirstworks service includes the investigation and review of individual complaints and the review of complaints management policies, procedures and processes.

I believe that obtaining an independent investigation or review of a complaint about your service demonstrates both confidence and robustness. Also, that the review of a number of complaints can identify common issues in complaint handling and spot complaint trends. Complaint reviews can also enhance the learning gained from complaints. A review of your whole complaint management system could lead to recommended improvements or a whole system redesign.

I have extensive experience in all aspects of complaint investigation and review. I tailor my approach to meet the particular needs of your organisation. I am keen to share my expertise so that you can build your competency in complaints handling. For example, I can work with your staff as they handle complaints or review your systems. Or if you prefer, I can carry out independent investigations and reviews.

Contact Carolyn Hirst to discuss your complaint investigation and review needs.